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Straight Vegetable Oil in The Citroen Xantia - Experiences and Tips

by Norbert Fritz

Welcome on my vegetable oil homepage!

Please don't put direct links on one of my subpages, because I will change the arrangement of the topics without notice. So if you like, put a link to my mainadress on your page.

I am still working at the complete translation of my german page.

Thanks to Edda Emery who was so kind to do the translations for free to support the spreading of the idea of using renewable resources. Have a look on:

Any unauthorized use of the published texts is expressly prohibited and constitutes a violation of copyright.

For all suggestions concerning problems with special webbrowsers, misspelling or other things that my have gone wrong, write to:

Warning: The information on my site are in part own experiences, other parts are more or less reproductions from other sources like books and other homepages. I did NOT proof the rightness of all what is written on my page! I am not responsible for any of the given information! Read it, take your time and make your own decision what is the right choice for you!

I may not be held responsible for the content of any external page that is accessible through a link from my page!

And now have fun!

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Nächste Seite: What do I need
N. Fritz 2005-11-12